Brand & Quality

Erik Bagger Furniture has chosen the best materials to underline us as the preferred provider of furniture to rooms and homes across the country.

Sketching, creating and designing the furniture collection of everything from dining tables to side tables and lounge chairs to bar stools are Erik Bagger and Caroline Bagger. Erik Bagger has since his childhood been drawing and thinking of furniture designs. His dream has now been realized with Erik Bagger Furniture. Caroline Bagger has experience with architecture and interior design, and she brings a new approach to furniture design. Erik Bagger Furniture represents the very best of the two.

Erik Bagger Furniture embodies aesthetics and quality. Quality is a key ingredient in our collection, and it shows in our choice of materials combined with our collaboration with both our Danish and international suppliers.

We have high ambitions for Erik Bagger Furniture and this fuels our desire for creating extraordinary designs from the best materials.